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The word “Gospel” is constantly used within Christianity, but it is often employed in a manner that includes ideas that are unique to a particular denomination or omits crucial concepts.

When one puts together the different doctrines that are identified in the New Testament, it becomes obvious that the Bible’s core message or “Gospel” is:

God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, the creator of the universe who is “God” by nature – obeyed his Father’s will and became human flesh. He then suffered and died for mankind’s sins. He rose from the dead to destroy death itself and make all humans immortal physical beings. He conjoined the divine and human natures so that his grace allows some humans to be “adopted” by God, and share ultimate glory and participate in God’s very nature, mutual indwelling, and oneness.

All who come unto him, repent of their sins, are baptized in his name, strive to live his teachings whereby the Holy Spirit within them constantly refines and purifies them, and endure to the end will be rewarded with eternal bliss in his kingdom.

The Bible’s message is a phenomenally powerful cosmology. One loses nothing important by believing in it and gains the infinite. Even if it wasn’t true, belief in it gives tangible benefits to a person, both internally, and in a positive influence on others and society.


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Is Jesus "God"?