By Edward K. Watson   The JUST THE FACTS series provides objective facts that anyone can confirm. One does not need to believe the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the “true church” to recognize it teaches the same things the Bible teaches concerning Jesus Christ. Facts matter and one needs accurate information […]

Argumentative and Persuasive Writing Analysis Form The attached is a fillable form that helps in the evaluation of argumentative or persuasive writings.

In my previous article, I originally defined atheism as “the rejection of the possibility that ‘God’ exists” because that is how I’ve understood the word from the time I spent studying theodicy (God and the problem of evil). But many “atheist” commenters disagreed with this definition because their self-designation was based on belief statements that […]

I was kidnapped when I was six. I wasn’t the only one—there were five of us, and the youngest was only an eleven-month old baby. On the morning of Mother’s Day in 1974, my mother had five children, and by that evening – and for the next eight Mother’s Days—she had no idea where her […]